Ok, even though lifting/strength training is probably my LEAST favorite thing to do at the gym – I’ve been told by a “personal trainer” that it’s pretty essential to a hot bod. If I manage to force myself to hit the weights or put in a few dozen squats I better have the following tunes on my iPod…

1. Guns ‘N Roses “Paradise City”

2. Dizzee Rascal “Fix Up, Look Sharp”

3. Pendulum “Showdown”

4. Edwin Starr “War”

5. The Hood Internet “Red Dress Turnin’ Me On (Keri Hilson vs The Glitch Mob vs TV on the Radio)”

If you haven’t checked these guys out by now, you’re way behind.

6. Flobots “Mayday!!!”

7. Bone Crusher “Never Scared”

What pumps you up?