According to my copious research the thing that separates humans from animals is rational thought, or the ability to control one’s instincts.  I suppose I buy that.  I mean, a lemming doesn’t elect to plunge off a cliff to it’s watery doom with rest of it’s kind.  Nor does a dog decide what tree to pee on based on what’s the most popular poplar.  No, those animals make decisions purely based on instinct and survival.  It is only we humans with the gift of judgement.  We can choose to follow the same trends as our peers, pee on the biggest and best tree we want to, and chase unattainable men/women until they destroy us.  So three cheers for reason and logic – let’s all head to the Cabo Cantina and celebrate the superiority of our species over 10 tequila shots.


Animal Kingdom: Human by tadpoletunes

Be sure to check out The Deadly Syndrome on March 25 at the Echo for their record release show with Signals and Rabbits, presented by Web In Front and I Promote Good Bands.  Going to be a great show with some kickin’ local talent.

And honestly it’s hard for me to articulate why this particular video came to mind for “humans.”  It’s definitely not a kids movie.  It’s not conventional.  But it is about the evolution of a very distinctly human quality –  the ability to love.  And it’s a heartbreakingly human film and theatrical production.