Although always second to cats and dogs, I have had a special place in my heart for reptiles from a very young age.  My very first obsession that I distinctly remember was (like every kindergarden through 2nd grader in the late 1980’s) the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  I invited them to my 6th birthday party because that was the only way I could get the boys in my class to come.   A few days after sending my painstakingly handwritten letter I received one back printed on computer paper, apologizing that they were too busy fighting crime to attend.  I was devastated of course, but you can’t really argue with that.  The boys still ended up coming and I appreciated the fact that they even took the time to write me a note.  Now my favorite TMNT is paid homage in my current pet turtle, Leo, who resides in an aquarium on my bookshelf with his counterpart, Kitty (her namesake being harder to explain and much more embarrassing).  I dedicate this playlist to them and scaly creatures everywhere…

Ramblin’ Jack Elliott “Black Snake Moan”

Scout Niblett “Dinosaur Egg”

Grizzly Bear “Alligator”

Sufjan Stevens “Year of the Dragon”

Janis Joplin “Turtle Blues”

Chairlift “Chameleon Closet” ♫

XTC “Crocodile”

And a special treat you never knew you wanted to see.  Happy Monday, y’all – keep it clean and make it ice.