Photo Credit: Kansas City Star

From “Take Me Out to The Ball Game,”  to “Who Let The Dogs Out” music has always been essential to the team sport experience, and in light of the closing ceremonies of the Olympics and the victories of teams from all around the world it seemed appropriate to end the week of workout playlists with killer jock jams – and some great articles highlighting the (sometimes odd) relationship of music and sports.

What music wins in the stadium? Nelly vs. The Ramones vs. C+C Music Factory.

Rockstars vs. Pro Athletes – who’s more famous?

1. The World Record “We’re #1”

2. Daft Punk “Superheroes / Human After All”

3. Quad City DJ’s “Space Jam”

4. Snap “The Power”

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts “Bad Reputation”

Also covered by Half Cocked for a great use in Shrek. I tried to find video of it, but no luck!

And lastly the great Journey with “Don’t Stop Believing”

….And as covered by the cast of Glee. The first cover/use that really defined what a hit the show could be – apologies for the crappy version of the video.

Look at that choreography! See, show choir counts as a sport too!