Love that Oscar Wilde guy – he says some great things (see quote in title).

With the festival days away and the set times announced days ago, it seems the entire city of Los Angeles is buzzing about Coachella.  What locations have the best line up?  Who do I want to be at the front of the stage for?  How can I make it to both Matt & Kim AND Florence and The Machine?  Well, that’s my big dilemma at least.

But the real scene isn’t what’s happening on the festival grounds – but behind it, next to it, around it.  Whether you’re staying in a house, a hotel, a condo or a tent if you’re going to Coachella you need to be prepared to party.  Some are almost as star-studded as the festival itself, and I know people who are more excited about them than seeing any of the bands in the Sahara Tent.

Just remember to pace yourself, because no one wants to clean up a vomiting stranger in their pool at 3pm when they could be seeing Frightened Rabbit.

All About Coachella: Party Time by DesertTadpole

When and where this weekend can you catch the above?  Check out set times here, or below:

Echo and The Bunnymen – Friday April 16, Outdoor Theatre @ 8:35pm

Benny Benassi – Friday April 16, Sahara Tent @ 10:15pm

Muse – Saturday April 17, Coachella Stage @ 9:35pm

Faith No More – Saturday April 17, Coachella Stage @ 7:55pm

Hot Chip – Saturday April 17, Outdoor Theatre @ 7:35pm

Major Lazer – Saturday April 17, Mojave Tent @ 9:25pm

Gorillaz – Sunday Sunday April 18, Coachella Stage @ 10:30pm

Little Boots – Sunday April 18, Gobi Tent @ 8:10pm

Rusko – Sunday April 18, Sahara Tent @ 2:30pm

Kaskade – Saturday April 17, Sahara Tent 7:45pm

Deadmau5 – Friday April 16, Sahara Tent 11:35pm

Because some bands bring the party in a way that cannot be captured in an mp3.  Check these guys out on Sunday Apr 18 in the Gobi Tent at 1:05pm.