I’m just going to go ahead and ask the question: who DIDN’T cheat at Monopoly?  I never actually even knew how to play the game so I guess I always did.  Though at age eight it was more like fighting for who got the race car and then using the money to play house.

Even so, I still think I grasped the reason why Monopoly is the most commercially successful board game in the world: everyone loves to feel like a millionaire.  Which is of course ironic since the game was created by a Quaker activist who essentially wanted to teach people how bad monopolies are.

From there, as we all know, there are now a million different versions of the game, World Version to McDonald’s Version, plus tons of computer games and even a game show.  A documentary about the game and its ridiculous popularity is coming out Fall 2010 called Under The Boardwalk.

The version that I found the most interesting however was the one used to help WW II prisoners of war escape.  Seriously. The man who had rights to manufacture the game outside of the United States had a special edition made with compasses, maps and real money hidden inside that were gifted to prisoners by fake charities

See?  Everyone cheats at Monopoly in some way or another.

Game Night: Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200 by tadpolopoly

If you’re not feeling the Atlantic City vibe, check out a couple shows in your own back yard….

Funeral Party will be at the Troubadour this coming Wednesday, May 5 with Two Door Cinema Club before touring with Surfer Blood.  I hope you have a connection because it’s sold out.

And you can catch The Besnard Lakes there on May 13 with Happy Hollows and Infantree.

Information and tickets here.

And keep your eye out on for the debut album by The Dig, Electric Toys – out on June 8th.

This has nothing to do with music, but man, monopoly is some serious stuff!  Listen to that intense commentary…