Happy Monday, team!
I’m pretty darn excited to kick off the week with a little flava -finishing off the comfort food series with a guest playlist from my good buddy (and a music aficionado guru of mine) Sleepmonster.  Had a long day?  Too tired to cook?  Who doesn’t crave a giant container of curry right before crashing to bed?  My personal favorite is chicken pad thai.   Sleepmonster, take it away…

WOW, there are so many things to say about spicy.  It’s such a subjective term… what may be spicy to some may not be to others, it’s found in many if not all styles of cooking globally, culturally, and is certainly an exciting element that invokes our senses and heightens our overall eating experience.  Ethnic food, southern cookin’, sauces & spices, and just the way you feel after having the devil dance on your tastebuds for a while are all things that shaped this challenge of playlist.  Some of these songs reflect that feeling of sexiness sometimes associated with the term spicy, others the sheer thought you get after chomping down into an underestimated pepper.  That tingly, lit up, can’t catch my breath, is it hot in here feeling, is what some of us live for, it’s thrilling, stimulating, sometimes afterward can have quite the comedown.  So FIRE IT UP BABY!

Hope you enjoy this unique experiment, tried to stay away from the obvious (ie. Flamenco or Gypsy Kings type stuff) and let the extra large can of jalapeno juice I just drank do the talkin’…somebody call an ambulance.

*Disclaimer: Shakira definitely had to be on this mix as her picture IS in the dictionary next to “spicy”…even listening to her breath alone in the remix featured can make you sweat.

Comfort Food: Spice It Up by flavatadpole

I put this rub on my grilled shrimp, stupid easy to make but try just a dash of cinnamon to give it that special hint

Cajun Spice Mix

Photo Credit: Southern Living

1 cup Sweet paprika
1 ts Paprika
1 tb Black pepper
1 tb White pepper
3 tb Cayenne
1 tb Garlic powder
1 tb Onion powder
1 tb Salt
1 tb Rosemary