This Friday Tadpole Audio is pleased to present a mix of a different color.  A couple weeks ago I reached out to a colleague of mine who I have always admired for clearly having music in his blood to see if he would be interested in whipping something up and he got creative in a way not yet seen on this site.   What happens if you can’t touch one of today’s most relied upon instruments?  A lot of really cool stuff.

It’s not that I don’t love the guitar in all it’s incarnations, I have been a dedicated guitar and bass player for over 15 years; but I do sometimes find myself marveling at just how typical it has become. From the acoustic folk guitar, to the mind-bending shred guitar, the instrument crosses all genres and satisfies many musical needs. That being said, let’s take a small departure from the six-stringed chameleon and enjoy a selection of 19 tracks from over 45,000, none of which contain guitar. I have made it a point to omit film score, classical, or choral music as that would just be cheating. Any acappella  music is from a group that typically uses guitars in all other works. Enough from me, turn off the amp and turn up the music!

Josh is a composer/session musician working in the film music industry.