This morning’s guest mixtape comes from Andy, one of the co-founders of Tympanogram – a great blog that covers a broad range of new and often undiscovered tracks, show and album reviews, and more – and always shares opinions on music in an approachable way.   The guys at Tympanogram were even kind enough to add a newb like me to their blogroll first, that’s how nice they are.  And so it goes without saying that I’m thrilled to present the below mix titled: “Wake From Dreaming”

*     *     *     *

I tried to come up with what I would have given to an object of my high school affection, and while no mix tape I made ever came out like this (because nothing comes out right in high school), it’s a pretty accurate representation of what went on tapes at one time or another. There are two sides: songs 1-7 on Side A, 8-14 on Side B to make up a 60 minute mix tape.

It’s slightly pensive, might be considered creepy if you were the recipient, and overly fawning. And while I might like to think that if I were still making mix tapes to profess my love for my girlfriend they would be less obsequious, the truth is that they would probably be more so. I still, to this day, name any mixes after a three or four word snippet from a song on the mix, generally from a song in the middle of Side B, in an attempt at forcing the other person to really pay attention. That never works.

I don’t have a lot of background stories for any of these tracks. At some point, they all got directed at whomever I was kicking game to (I can still say that, right?). Mix tapes were always a sacred thing for me to make – especially when it was for the girl I liked. Music was this part of me that was my own; a rejection of my choices as valid by the person I made the tape for was a personal affront. In a lot of ways, it still is.

This exercise was interesting. It’s been a long time since I wrote the tracks out, calculated their time, added it up and moved songs around accordingly. At some point, I had to stop fucking around with it then, and the same thing happened here. I don’t like three female singers in a row on Side B, and I don’t like having two five-minute songs back-to-back either. The advent of iTunes made that all rearranging obsolete. While the convenience is certainly nice, I do miss the days of hitting record on the tape, counting “one-one thousand, two,” pressing play on the CD player, and capturing the weight of my affections in four-minute increments.

Side A
“Wake From Dreaming” by Tympanogram – Side A by tympanotadpole

Side B
“Wake From Dreaming” by Tympanogram – Side B by tympanotadpole