Anyone who knows me knows that I have an embarrassingly deep love for all things Peter Pan.  When I was little I only wore floral, frilly nightgowns and kept my slippers next to the bed at all times just so I would always be prepared if Peter came one to whisk me away.  No matter how old I get I will always ride “Peter Pan’s Flight” at Disney, and will cry at any movie with the general theme of growing up / loss of childhood innocence.  And I mean CRY.

That said, when I first conceived of doing a children’s books theme week a month or so ago, this was naturally the first one that came to mind.  I have to say though it’s been pretty hard.  In it’s many incarnations Peter Pan has always had memorable music attached (Hook, Mary Martin, Disney, the live action film from 2003 which no one except me really liked).  With this mix I wanted to both revisit some of those magical memories, as well as capture what’s in the heart of every version: wonder, excitement, innocence, and joy.

Children’s Books: I Can Fly! by tadpole4kids

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