At the end of last week I got so obsessed with writing this story, I completely ran out of time to post my other gardening mix last week.

My 12-year-old self is so tempted right now

Who didn’t think the dandelion was the best flower ever when they were little?  They were the best for making flower chains and headbands.  You could use them as crayons.  If you held one under your chin the amount that it glowed on your skin predicted how rich you would be.  And it was insanely fun to blow the all the seeds away into the wind.

Then you find out that those pretty flowers are actually unwanted parasites that infiltrate a yard or a garden and stubbornly refuse to leave.  They’re weeds – called “valueless,” “undesirable” and “wild” by  People wage battles and spend hundreds of dollars to eliminate them.

Since there aren’t very many songs literally about weeds, the definition of them is what I tried to capture here.  Songs about unwanted people, places, things, taunting you with their presence – all generally thorny, wild and could be considered undesirable or raw to the ear.

Summer Lovin: Weeds by tadpoleon

What songs would you have chosen?  Are there songs literally about weeds (not weed) that I’ve missed?  Do weeds evoke a different sentiment for you?  Am I lacking in garage rock?  Electronica?

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And check out the article posted today on the KCRW Music Blog by DJ Anne Litt about her gardening music!

Initially I wanted to post a video of the Ween song “You F***ed Up” as used in the final scene of the Weeds Season 3 premiere – appropriate on so many levels.  But I couldn’t find it.  Sadface.

Instead I went with another song – also used in the TV show – by a band called Illinois.  You can see the video where it’s used in Nancy’s “brick dance” here.  But since I couldn’t embed it, check out the band performing the song for Luxury Wafers this past December.  Or on the Weeds (Music From The Series, Vol. 3) soundtrack with the aformentioned Ween song.

Illinois – Nosebleed – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.