I defy you to find a scarier children’s book than Roald Dahl’s The Witches. It’s not out there. So I guess it’s fitting that the primary emotion I felt when I embarked upon putting this mix together was fear. And I thought Peter Pan was a tough one.

I mean, how do you even start? It’s a challenge even at the most basic levels – relevant song titles, for example. Keywords to go off of might be witch, blue spit, children, wigs, mice…how many songs do you know that include those words?  Even so, most songs about children can be categorized as sounding happy, sweet, fluffy, heartwrenching, or inspiring – while “spit” usually evokes thoughts of angry metal songs.  Not to mention the fact that songs about kids are generally about letting go, growing up, sometimes even a tragedy – but most of the characters in the book HATE children.  It definitely made me appreciate my most recent project (second ever, after this one): music supervising a romantic comedy set in Texas, that’s very…Texan. You have a very specific world and limits to work within, something to springboard from at least. You know that Swedish electro is just not going to fit.

I realized that is what I had to do with this the mix.  Set my own parameters based on my impressions from the book, but not limiting myself to one specific genre. After all, stories always change pace, tempo, pitch, emotion along the way. And I still wanted the lyrics to be somewhat relevant (i.e. nothing overtly about love or relationships, families, road trips, good friends…).

I settled on a few adjectives: raw, wild, eerie, screechy. I’ll let you be the judge – does it work? Why or why not?

Children’s Books: Formula 86 Delayed Action Mouse Maker by tadpole4kids

Nothing says creepy like Thom Yorke, right?

Imagine you don't know who this is - would YOU want to run into him in a dark alley?

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