If the fact that my last mixtape included tracks from both Journey AND The Backstreet Boys didn’t reveal me to be a huge nerd, then I’m about to blow my cover now: this past April I actually left my apartment in Silverlake – Los Angeles hipster music mecca – and moved completely across town into a house a mile away from the beach.  AND I LOVE IT. Yeah, it’s much farther to get to most shows, and a much more painful drive home when I head east on weeknights, but I moved to be closer to my job in Santa Monica and in that regard it’s a total win.

I also love living in a house.  Four bedrooms, three bathrooms, two floors.  I love my huge living room and kitchen.  I love having a front yard.  I love my tiny room, which is almost completely become my own personal magical music happy land.  Currently though, I’m especially loving my back patio.  I want to paint the walls.  I want to buy cute vintage patio furniture.  And I want to garden.

Whether or not I will actually pursue the idea remains to be seen, but I am certainly enamored by the idea.  Growing my own strawberries, squashes, lavender, foxgloves…watching and nurturing them, then enjoying the (literal) fruits of my labors sitting out on a sunny summer day.  Constantly having a fresh bouquet on the dining room table (you know, when we get one of those).

I wish.

Ah, to dream takes so little manual labor.

For this mix I started off intending to capture “flowers” in bright, acoustic or instrumental pieces with lush melodies – but as I explored both my own library and the interwebs I found myself going in a slightly different direction.  Other than the fact that there’s now a majority of fruit-related songs, you’ll also find a variety different sounds.  In my mind at least, they all still capture the sweetness of the season, and the feeling of growing, blossoming and prancing around in a garden.

Summer Lovin: How Does Your Garden Grow? by tadpoles shouldn’t drive

Upcoming shows…

Check out Magic Kids on tour with Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – they’ll be hitting the Echoplex on July 9.  Get tickets here.

And if you’re thinking about making a “summer resolution” of your own, but aren’t sure what – try taking Arlo’s suggestions starting at about 2:15 in:

Even you can save the American way: