Georgia O'Keeffe "Sunrise" 1916

Mornings are by far the most polarizing time of day – most people either love them or despise them.    For some, waking up from a good sleep is an unfortunate necessity; they refuse to make Saturday plans any earlier than 3pm.  Others leap out of bed at 8am and run 3 miles before cooking a well-balanced breakfast.  Wake up the wrong way – on the wrong side of the bed, if you will – and your day is ruined.  Whether you’re a late sleeper forced to rise at the crack of dawn, or an early riser who misses the alarm – you’re cranky all day.

The right wake up song often plays a huge part in this.  Do you like to jump start your day with “Eye of the Tiger” or do you need a more mellow artist like Sufjan Stevens to coax you out of bed?  I have a nifty alarm clock application that allows me to select any song from my iTunes library to use as an alarm. My personal favorite is Jonsi “Go Do.”  Whenever my boyfriend is over, though, I ask him what he wants and always get the same response: “I don’t care what you choose.  Whatever it is I’m going to hate it the rest of the day tomorrow.”

Sometimes you just can’t win.

Upcoming shows…

Le Switch will be at the new Central S.A.P.C for the Gulf Coast Benefit tomorrow night Aug 25th.  Get your tickets here and help give kids growing up in areas affected by The Gulf Coast Oil Spill the educational services support they need.

The Little Ones playing Club Underground at the Echo on Friday Aug 27 with Downtown/Union and Kissing Tigers.  Only $5 if you’re over 21!

Catch Wait.  Think.  Fast at the Echo on September 7th for their album release show presented by Buzz Bands.LA.  Tickets are $7, details are here.

And perhaps the ultimate “wake up” song and accompanying movie moment that completely revitalized it:

My favorite part is uber-blonde baby Alexander Skarsgård.  What would Eric say?