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The Rapidly Changing Face Of Music Discovery

The 21st century has brought a huge shift in musical promotion and appreciation. The charts no longer define success and PR companies look to blogs and the internet to boost their acts. Music bloggers are constantly bombarded with PR emails, events and tracks to post, yet ask any of them and they’ll tell you that they hardly find anything they like from email blasts alone. So what’s the secret? How do the most avid fans discover music? Are we reading blogs, trawling The Hype Machine and digging around MySpace? Do we spend our time in forums, or reading magazines? From ex-PR to music supervisors, radio presenters and social media consultants, we believe our collective skillset provides an interesting focus of discussion for any potential panel attendee. And that’s on top of our personal sites! We’ll tell you where to look, how the digital climate is changing the musical climate, and at the very least you’ll go away with a few new bands to check out.

The collective real world music experience of the Strangers in Stereo members and contributors is vast. Outside operating our own sites, we work full-time jobs in music and music-relevant fields. We seek to draw from our daily experience, shedding light on the topic from five different perspectives:

Will Hines: Music PR
Amanda Krieg: Music Supervision
Veronica Murtagh: Branding
Hannah Rad: Radio
Emma Zumberge: Social Media