Photo via digital retrograde

When I was little I wanted to be an artist when I grew up.  A painter, to be specific.  It was the clearest way I knew how to translate images and stories in my head into something I could see and touch.  I always told myself that someday – when I was a real artist – I would finally be able to paint the perfect sunset. I tried a few times of course, but I just couldn’t get the textures, layers or nuances in each vivid shade.  No matter.  Someday I would get there.  Well, that day still hasn’t come, but living in California and getting to see the most beautiful sunsets every day from the 5th Floor of my office building has certainly brought it to the forefront of my mind again.

Sunsets are such an odd time of day.  I’m usually at work through them – often until it’s completely dark – then I take off not for home, but some alternative destination: dinner with friends, drinks with other industry folks, shows, gym, running errands.  When the sun sets my day is definitely not over.  Instead it signals a transition – day to night, light to dark.  I sort of tried to play with that idea in the mix this week, while still choosing songs with relevant titles.  The more certain part of the day is over and what happens next is a question mark.  Is it a cozy night home on the couch?  Wild night at the club?  What’s out there in the dark?

Upcoming shows…

Catch Hi Ho Silver Oh performing all over Los Angeles in the next few weeks.  Tomorrow they’ll be at The Echo with The Chapin Sisters and The Finches.  On Saturday Sept 18 you can see them at Pehrspace helping Old Lumps celebrate their album release along with Moses Campbell and Ema and The Ghosts.  And on Oct 2 they’ll be participating in the Eagle Rock Music Festival.

Band of Horses will be headlining the Greek on Sept 25 with guests Admiral Radley and Darker My Love.

And to close out the post, enjoy a classic tune and it’s bizarre, dreamy video:

Smashing Pumpkins – Tonight, tonight from mapale escobar olarte on Vimeo.