RIYL Mixtapes: Because sometimes the best way to get to know a new artist is to use them in a sentence.

I had seen the name “Lord Huron” peppered around the interwebs for a few weeks, so when his music was thrown recently thrown my way I knew I had to move them up to the top of the pile.

In only two short EPs released this year (Mighty, which dropped early November, and Into The Sun, out this past June) Lord Huron – also known as Benji Schneider – has begun seeping into the spotlight that can only get brighter.  Using acoustic guitar, tropical beats, unconventional instrumentation and lush harmonies, Schneider weaves a magical web that dances along the line of primal and dreamy.

Lord Huron “Mighty”

In this first installment of RIYL Mixtapes, I perused the music of Lord Huron, and artists that I felt were tonally in the same category, for a story that would connect them all.  In this case, I was inspired first by Lord Huron’s “The Stranger.”  Drawn to the idea of loss of trust and being deceived, I turned to the music of Owen Pallett and the song “The Great Elsewhere” – which tells the story of someone spends their life believing in someone they cannot see, or even have  hard proof of their existence – only to end up with a spear in their shoulder, shocked by the “indifferences of the Storyteller.”  As a disclaimer, this is not my personal opinion on God, the divine, what have you – but the combination of those two ideas, stirred with the tracks I discovered from the other artists similar to Lord Huron, led me to a mix loosely about a quest for faith – and an exploration of emotions when the discovery leads to disillusionment.

In Search of Faith

Los Angeles – you can catch Lord Huron this Friday night, Nov 19 with Avi Buffalo at the Echoplex – followed by their 7″ release party at Origami Vinyl on Sunday, Nov 21.  Tickets and details for the Echoplex show here.  Origami Vinyl show is free at 6pm.

Buy both Lord Huron’s Into the Sun EP and Mighty EP on Bandcamp for a combined value of $7.00 – what a steal!