by Sleepmonster

The holidays are a time of friendly gatherings, a time of joy, a time of cheer, blah blah blah…but, have you ever had one of those kinds of Christmases or holidays?  There’s so much storytelling surrounding these traditional celebrations, but what if you don’t feel much like celebrating?  There’s a story there too.

Last December went something like this: living alone on a broken sailboat, struggling with work, in the middle of a pretty intense quarter life crisis (and even more intense break-up), trying to remember what it was that I actually wanted.  “Going to be a different kind of Christmas this year,” I thought to myself.  The same standard cheery carols and traditions just weren’t cutting it for me, “there’s gotta be something else out there that will let me celebrate the way I want to”.  So I sat down and made this different kind of holiday mix (and artwork) to keep me company.

My favorite track is “Long Way Around the Sea” by Low.  It recounts the story of the wise men’s journey in such a human way – the imagery of walking under the stars at night, taking time to return to Heron’s throne after what they’ve just witnessed – that almost anyone can relate to.  Through tone, speed and the lyrics, Low brilliantly captures the feeling of basking in the afterglow of a personally important and simplistically beautiful moment, taking in all that’s around you – even if the experience itself only lasted a few brief minutes.  This mix matches the various moods of the story I was living one year ago.  As my gift to Tadpole Audio faithfuls I’ve pulled it off the shelf, please take away from it what you will. I hope I have presented you with some tracks you’ve never heard before, and a unique listening experience overall for this winter’s holiday season. Cool…now, TIME FOR EGG NOG & MISTLETOE!

Peace in the X-Mess!

– Sleepmonster

Me Own Holiday Ghost

The Flaming Lip – Once Beyond Hopelessness (Sleepmonster Remix)

Rise Against – Making Christmas

Sufjan Stevens – Get Behind Me, Santa

Animal Collective – Winter Wonder Land

Au – I’ll Be Home For Christmas

RJD2 – Christmas Eve Montage Mastered

The Band – Xmas Must Be Tonight (Sleepmonster Remix)

Mice Parade – Dasher, Pancer, Donner, & Blitzen

The Bird & The Bee – Carol of the Bells

Rogue Wave – Christmas

Sparklehorse – Jack’s Obsession

Say Hi – November was White, December Was Grey

The Walkmen – In The New Year

Broadcast – Winter Now

Belle and Sebastian – Santa Claus, Go Straight to the Ghetto (live)

Goldfrapp – Winter Wonderland

Harry Connick Jr. – Three Kings (Sleepmonster Edit)

Low – Long way Around the Sea

Rosie Thomas – Snow Day (Sleepmonster Remix)

Remy Zero – Christmas

Surrogate – Angels We Have Heard on High

Sun Ra – It’s Christmas Time