Recently I’ve been coming across a slew of songs that I absolutely love – some for the lyrics, some for the emotion conveyed, some because a quirky sound tossed in when you least expect it – that didn’t necessarily fit into any sort of mixtape I had in mind, nor did I really want to force one. In my opinion, these songs are just so great they deserve their own shoutout. Individual track features, however, are not what Tadpole Audio is currently known for, so I tossed and turned and it finally got to a point where I threw up my hands and just said, “I gotta tell people about these!” And so, Neat Tracks has been born.

This first track is, as far as I know, exclusive to Tadpole Audio. It’s by mysterious DJ Dick Whitman, who’s work I can’t find elsewhere on the interwebs. Of course, with a handle like “Dick Whitman” could you expect anything else? This remix came to TA from a secret source, and I am really really digging it. I’ll admit, my remix threshold is a small one – why add a beat track and extra distortion to a perfectly good song?  In the case of remixes of hip hop or dance songs, so often they’re just unoriginal.  The one exception for me is the The Hood Internet, who are skilled at combining songs from hip hop to alt rock to indie pop.

What I love about DJ Dick Whitman’s “Get Some Storm Satisfaction (Lykke Li vs. The Doors vs. The Rolling Stones)” is that he mixes music not only different genres, but different eras as well. And my favorite part – not a house beat to be found!

DJ Dick Whitman “Get Some Storm Satisfaction (Lykke Li vs. The Doors vs. The Rolling Stones)”