View from Stratton Mountain 01.15.11 / Photo credit: My dad

It’s been a while since a straight up Tadpole Audio Mixtape, but over this past winter break I found myself inspired as I rode the chairlift at Stratton Mountain in Vermont.  My dad and I were discussing listening to music while skiing – he’s done it before, I worry that I will either not hear an incoming snowboarder, or somehow accidentally crush the device – when I began to think about what I would want to listen to out there in the snow.  I’m not a particularly aggressive skier; I used to race in high school, but that was quite a few years ago.  Now, the only times I hit the slopes are Christmas’s with my family.

I still like going fast though, trading steep, narrow black diamonds for wide open blue squares that I can fly down with abandon, carving up the snow from top to bottom.  I pretty much endorse the entire Jonsi album, Go, to be perfect for this, but that wouldn’t make a very interesting mixtape.  Instead, enjoy a selection of tunes that capture the feeling of cruising down a mountain – a chilly wind whips across your cheeks, snow flurries blow across your path, and nothing but white everywhere you look.

Baths will be back in LA on March 5 at the Troubadour

This coming Thursday Jan 20 Gamble House and Lord Huron will be performing with Abe Vigoda at the Autry Museum as part of Brand X LA Unheard.  If it’s impossible for you to get Griffith Park by 7pm on a Thursday (like it is for me) – Lord Huron will be at The Echo on Feb 4 and you can check out Gamble House’s Little Videos visit here.

So Many Wizards is one of the busiest LA bands there is.  Follow them on Facebook for show updates.

Hit up Ben Talmi’s bandcamp page for some free downloads, and check out the rest of his EP For The Dreamers.