“Bar in Amsterdam” is the opening track on Katzenjammer’s debut album Le Pop, released in September 2008 in Norway, and nominated for a Spellemannprisen (the Norweigan version of a Grammy), before it made it’s way to the US in 2010. Three years later though, these ladies are still not getting the recognition they deserve.

Equitable to a female version of Gogol Bordello, the quartet from Oslo, Norway play more than 29 instruments, including the accordian, mandolin, guitar, piano, balaika bass, xylophone, trumpet, kazoo, melodica, drums and banjo.  Perhaps their sophomore effort – which will supposedly appear in 2011 – will put them on back the US festival circuit (they appeared at SXSW 2009).  I mean, how can you not sort of love a band who’s name literally translates to “cat’s wail,” and starts off their bio with the following:

Presenting: the queens of sultry sound, sisters of mercy, saints of scarred souls, society’s hangover and Calamity Jane’s bachelorette party.  The eminent, prominent and decadent ladies of our time: Katzenjammer

Katzenjammer “A Bar in Amsterdam”

The video for the song is pretty crazy too…