Photo Credit: Alicia J. Rose

I was introduced to AgesandAges by my lovely friends at Terrorbird Media, who almost always seem to deliver something I will like.  Borne of Portland, Oregon, they’re a little bit country, a lot a bit indie pop, with happy twee clapping and stomping, made all the more effective by the fact that there are seven of them all joining the party.

To be honest, I could have chosen any track off their debut album, Alright You Restless, for this post.  “Souvenir” was the first track of theirs that caught my attention, included on a sampler I received a short while ago.  Rarely is there only one person singing – songs more often feature spry harmonies with at least one other member.  I’m not sure if its the group singing, clapping or galloping melodies, but every song feels like you could – and should – be participating.  While light and jaunty for the most part, “Tap On Your Windowpane” launches into a section of marching percussion that belongs in that catalog of songs ideal for drunkenly throwing your arms around friends and swaying back and forth, shouting every lyric (you all know what I’m talking about).

My favorite track on the record, “Under A Cloud Shaped Like A Tomb,” embodies all the above qualities with the added bonus of a cathartically wonderful round about 2:25 into the song.  I can’t get enough.  I challenge you not to do a jig.

Grab their debut album Alright You Restless released on Knitting Factory Records here.

AgesandAges “Under A Cloud Shaped Like A Tomb”