Some of you have noticed a flurry of activity on Twitter over the past couple weeks, all surrounding something called the “Paper Crane Collective” or @papercranes or #pcc.

For those of you wondering, it’s a new “community blog” – or blog collective, if that floats your boat – of about 24 or 25 of the raddest blogs out there.   The idea behind it is perhaps best explained by Aaron of the now evolved Tsururadio, who’s home the Paper Crane Collective now inhabits:

The plan?  Take our beloved paper crane collective of misfits to a entirely new level.  It was time to take this community of music bloggers that we all know and interact with and build a community blog!  A blog where music geeks from around the world can come and jibber on about the topic of their choice during the time slot of their choice. Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, it didn’t matter, but it we’d each have our times & days where we could jibber on about an old fave that made us music geeks in the first place, rant against the horrible trends in the industry, share our favourite posts on our individual sites, host a music video dance party, talk about those bands that just don’t fit on their day blogs, whatever they wanted.  It was a time & a place where they can be as free to do and say as new born fucking baby.

So here we are.  And with only minor amounts of coercing Aaron and the new Editor-in-Chief, Ari, have included Tadpole Audio.

With my Friday bi-weekly column, “Hooray For Hollywood,” I plan on contributing a little slice of sunny Los Angeles in the form of features on local artists, concert reviews, reviews of albums by local artists, commentary on music in film and television (as that’s my specialty) and much more.  As long as there’s some anchor in the literal or figurative Hollywood – it’s fair game.

My first post went up today on local band (and TA favorite) So Many Wizards.  Check it out here.