by Ezra Remer

The thing I love most about ads is when all the elements come together perfectly.  This happens more often than you would think, but with the amount of commercials that we’re exposed to it’s hard to find those gems. This AXE shower gel ad is one such gem…

Titled “The Beach,” this commercial is unlike the previous spots I’ve covered, in that it features an older song.  The track used is called “The Wash” by Philadelphia R&B quartet, Brenda & The Tabulations off their 1967 debut album Dry Your Eyes.  I think it’s pretty obvious as to why this song is the perfect choice for the spot.  Besides the lyrics, it has a 60’s surf pop vibe that just fits the moment.  The contrast between the audio and visuals is great, juxtaposing the sweet song with the DIRTY visuals (pun kinda intended).

AXE has a knack for releasing catchy/controversial ads. This one strays away from the kind of offensive AXE usually goes for, yet it still has a hint of controversy. With it’s tagline “The cleaner you are, the dirtier you get,” the brand succeeds in keeping with it’s established practices.

Brenda & The Tabulations “The Wash”

Ezra Remer is a lover all of media. He currently works as music coordinator at Lip Sync Music, syncing artists into film/tv/ads. Follow him @EzRemer.