Over the past couple years Vitamin Water has been branding themselves through the use of music, particularly after Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent joined the Vitamin Water team as part owner. I still love the original 50 Cent spot.

With 50 Cent standing on their side, Vitamin Water seemed to be developing more of a hip hop vibe.  The spot that caught my attention uses the Steve Aoki remix of “Pursuit of Happiness” by Kid Cudi.  It’s a great song, but was ruined by the terrible commercial.  Looking up the that spot, I stumbled upon this new Vitamin Water Ad. Check it out…

The track used in the spot is “Barbra Streisand” by Duck Sauce. More electro than urban, Vitamin Water is still trying to reach a hipper demographic, but in a new way. Comprised of A-Trak and Armand Van Helden, Duck Sauce hasn’t released much. While awaiting their first full length (no date yet) via Fools Gold Records, be sure to check out their debut EP, the awesomely titled Greatest Hits EP.

Duck Sauce “Barbra Streisand”

Ezra Remer is a lover all of media. He currently works as music coordinator at Lip Sync Music, syncing artists into film/tv/ads. Follow him @EzRemer.