By Ezra Remer

With the end of March Madness comes the beginning of the NBA playoffs. What does this have to do with music you ask? Let me explain.

When it comes to sports I tend to watch a little too much basketball. Over the last month it has been non-stop basketball. Whether it was my bracket getting crushed by VCU and Butler, or my Lakers killing it on the way to a top seed in the playoffs, I’ve probably been watching. And over the last month and a half I’ve come to notice something about the commercials shown during sports broadcasts. Through it all there haven’t been many memorable ads that have stood out among the rest, except one.

I’ve never been a fan of what some would classify as “electro-dance-rock,” but after this ad, I have evolved. Check it out below…

This Adidas spot titled “All In” features the first single “Civilization” off the forthcoming Justice album.  Sure I’ve heard of Justice, but I never really knew their music. The French duo consisting of Xavier De Rosnay and Gaspard Augé does not disapoint. After seeing the ad I opened my iTunes and immediately bought their 2007 debut album Cross.  After spending all week listening to the album, all I can say is WOW. I definitely found some new material to add to my running playlist.  If “Civilization” is any indication of what to expect from their highly anticipated sophomore effort, I can confidently say, I have never been more excited to hear an electro-dance-rock album.

What I love about the spot is the combination of music and sports. With stars like Derrick Rose, David Beckham, Dwight Howard, Katy Perry, and B.o.B doing their thing (whether it’s performing or competing), the ad shows a true understanding of the captivating power these performer/athletes have over their fans. The blend of the song and the visuals is really powerful, leaving you wanting more. And as I understand it, that is exactly what an advertisement is supposed to do.

Justice “Civilization”