by Ezra Remer

Over the past decade companies of all kinds have been branding themselves through the use of music. One of my favorite campaigns has been the Garnier Fructis ads using The Transplants “Diamonds & Guns”. Garnier has kept of with the times and trends. Check out their newest anti-dandruff campaign…

This spot features the track “Evolve” by The Non-Commissioned Officers.  After banding together to score the film Make-Out With Violence, the band took to the studio to record their follow up.  Released in March of 2011, Money Looking For Thieves is a good sophomore effort.

The six piece out of Tennessee currently do not have any tour dates planned, but am definitely on the lookout to catch them live.

Ezra Remer is a lover all of media. He currently works as music coordinator at Lip Sync Music, syncing artists into film/tv/ads. Follow him @EzRemer.