by Amanda DK

This track was featured in the latest edition of Aural Fixation (I highly recommend checking out, the music and the pancakes are both delicious), so I thought it a perfect time to feature one of my absolute favorite blossoming bands.

If Givers is an accurate representation of Louisiana hipsters, they are clearly a superior species.  When I caught them at the Bootleg a few weeks ago, every member of the band looked genuinely thrilled to be there.  They seemed so….pure.  Jumping, throwing their bodies into every movement.  You could tell they weren’t from Los Angeles (no offense to all the great Los Angeles bands). 

The quintet out of Lafayette, LA delivered one of the most spirited, cathartic sets I’d seen in a long time – representing their debut album, In Light, exactly as I’d hoped.  “Up, Up, Up” is the first track that greets your ears on the recording, starting quietly and then launching full throttle into a jangly rock romp impossible not to stomp your foot along with.  From there it just keeps going: twangy acoustic glucking, power riffs, layered instrumentation, tropical beats, and quirky electronic punctuation – you name it, and it can be found in at least one Givers tune.  Here’s hoping these sunny merrymakers have a lot more in store for us.

Givers “Up Up Up”

Check out the video, which premiered yesterday on MTV. It’s completely trippy and completely embodies the band:

Hit the store now to grab In Light, released June 7th on Glassnote Records…or just purchase it here.