By Amanda DK

I both can’t believe that Jukebox The Ghost aren’t blowing up as much as some bands are, and understand why they’re not.  On one hand, their songs are melodic, sweet and catchy…on the other, they might also dance the line of being too juvenile and “poppy.”

When it came out just under a year ago, Everything Under The Sun (the band’s second album) got favorable reviews from internet publications like Consequence of Sound, The AV Club, and others, but in Los Angeles at least, Jukebox The Ghost has yet to take center stage in the more prestigious venues like the Troubadour, Music Box, or El Rey.  Not that I’m complaining about either time I caught them at the Echo – both performances were fantastic – I just want more people to join in the fun.

Based on the music, I’ll take the album title to be a message to the listener that they will want to frolic outside on a cloudless day while enjoying the songs.  The high energy harmonies and lively piano melodies can’t help but move you to your feet at some point in every track.  “Empire” is a rowdy sing-a-long with an infectious chorus.  “Schizophrenia” shows influences of both The Beatles and Belle and Sebastian.My favorite song, however, is “Summer Sun.”  Just over 2:00 long, it’s the second shortest song on the album, which is the only thing I don’t like about it.  The soaring catharsis is perfect for belting out alone in the car no matter where your going (or whether or not you can actually sing).

Jukebox The Ghost “Summer Sun”

Head to their website and in exchange for your email address, you can nab four free songs by Jukebox The Ghost.  Or grab a copy of Everything Under the Sun (digital, CD and vinyl all available).