by Amanda DK

Something about enjoying The Limousines makes me feel like I’m sneaking Fun Dip out of a basket of old Halloween candy. It’s basically pure sugar and a bit juvenile, but what the heck it’s fun to eat and tastes like the best part of summer camp.

Their debut album Get Sharp is deliciously light and melodic. Each synth heavy confection is a jumble is bright electronic bells and whistles, with hooks so catchy, I dare you not to get at least one song stuck in your head. What sets the Bay Area natives apart from other electro-pop bands of the same ilk is that they actually demonstrate some restraint with the special effects, and the tongue in cheek lyrics that necessitate a smirk every time.

My favorite line might be from “Very Busy People:”

That Donnie Darko DVD has been repeating for a week,
and we know every single word.
(Every single word).
I’ve got an iPod like a pirate ship,
I’ll sail the seas
with fifty thousand songs I’ve never heard-
And all the best of them go
Fa la la la la la…
Fa la la la la la…

But while many of the songs demonstrate the duo’s sassy sense of humor, my overall favorite track is “Internet Killed The Video Star.”  To start with, it’s a clever idea, and not only is the chorus begging for a flash mob, but they’re using a drum machine to diss drum machines – and basking in the irony.

The Limousines “Internet Killed The Video Star”


If you missed it’s release on Dangerbird Records this past February, grab Get Sharp here.