By Amanda DK

It’s been my sincere pleasure to hear the buzz about this local band get louder and louder over the past few months.  From my perspective at least, it began with the word spreading about their fantastic live performances.  Then came write-ups in blogs across the country from Sunset in the Rearview to the LA times.  Just a few short months later Milo Greene was featured as part of the “I Also Like To Rock” series, presented by KCRW and curated by Buzz Bands LA.  Most recently they were on the bill to play at Sunset Junction, and due to the festival’s cancellation, played a packed day party at Dangerbird Records.

Now they’ve inked a label deal with Chop Shop/Atlantic Records, going on tour with The Civil Wars (plus some dates with Grouplove and The Belle Brigade), and preparing their debut full-length for a 2012 release.  Needless to say it’s been quite a year for the band, and they deserve every bit of the attention they’ve been getting.

To put it bluntly, these Los Angeles-based guys (and gal) are the real deal.  Their sound is lush and autumnal, oscillating between folk and alt-country, at turns both ethereal and earthy. Elevated by crisp, soaring harmonies, each song seems to yearn for something undefinable, something otherwordly, like in an Emily Dickinson poem.  Not only were they wonderful on stage at both the Echo and Bootleg, even in a small living room, stripped of any frills and completely acoustic, their musical skill shone brightly.

“1957” is my favorite tune, largely due to the explosive, primal chanting and percussion break at 2:41, cathartic both on the recording and especially live.

Check out Milo Greene performing “1957” in the above-referenced living room at the Synch This Summer BBQ, sponsored by Tadpole Audio!

Special thanks to Larry Malinconico for filming the performance along with me and cutting together the video!

You can buy a white vinyl 7″ and digital download of Milo Greene’s self-titled EP on their bandcamp page for only $6.99!