By Amanda DK

It’s not often that a music video grabs my attention. And by that I mean it’s not often I actually make an effort to watch music videos. I’m not even sure why I watched the video for “Lighthouse” – likely something to do with shiny objects or pretty colors. And boy does this video have both.

The art direction is brilliant. It’s easy to look at the costuming and identify objects found all over your own home or backyard, but I challenge you to figure out how to turn your cotton ball collection into an impressive beard or old mop into a headdress – and have not look like a second grade project. Of course when you know that band members Ross Simonini and Ben Bromley are also visual artists who are known for performing in art galleries over dive bars, it all makes sense. Credit for the video should also go to director Ben Dickinson, who has also worked with LCD Soundsystem, the Rapture and Q-Tip.

Video aside (however sparkly and magical it is) it was the song that I really fell in love with. The Brooklyn duo has whipped up an airy confection with a jubilant chorus; never does it take itself seriously. There are a couple other songs on their self-titled debut album (released in August on IAMSOUND Records) that come close to the same joy, but “Lighthouse” remains on top of the pedestal. It’s probably one of my favorite songs of the year so far, and I cannot listen to it without beaming like an idiot and leaping out of my chair. I can only hope you enjoy it half as much as I do.

NewVillager “Lighthouse”