By Amanda DK

The thing I love most about The Features is that every song is different.  It is quite refreshing when many bands these days seem to excel at an overall “tone” with their music, but all the songs are pretty identical.  The Features do a fantastic job at blending genres, techniques and diverse instrumentation, so that it is impossible to get bored.

Not that they would let you.  On Wilderness, their latest album released this past July, tracks range from sly and bluesy to groovy shoegaze and hard rock with fat, aggressive guitar riffs.  Their Tennessee upbringing provides the solid foundation for a freewheeling sounds that’s a challenge to contain in a box.

As such, it was pretty difficult to choose one song to present.  After much deliberation I went with the swaggering “How It Starts,” which encapsulates all of the above into one single track.  It dabbles in a buoyant pop sound, while still featuring stellar guitar wielding.  Clapping engages the audience in a more alt-country sing-a-long spirit, and then gives way to trademark hard-hitting rock.  A little something for everyone (at least, everyone that likes to have a good time).


Hurry up and purchase The Features Wilderness on their website, out now on Serpents and Snakes / Bug Music.