By Amanda DK

With the holidays fast approaching, I suppose it’s appropriate that for this week’s Neat Tracks, the featured band currently has a song on seasonal compilation by the Gap (who knew the clothing chain was hip to Soundcloud?).

And that’s not the only compilation album Los Angeles quintet Risers has been featured on.  You can hear their track “Days of Wine and Roses” on Narnack Records’ Beat LA – A Benefit for Haiti, but you might not see the name “Risers” anywhere in the liner notes.  Locals might be familiar with Risers’ previous incarnation as Anglos, and their single “Cleopatra.”  This time core songwriting duo Josh Thorpe and Sean Miller have teamed up with Greg Shadwick (bass, vocals) and Daniel Goldblatt (drums) to realize Risers.As Risers, they have played in all kinds of situations, at local venues like the Satellite and Silverlake Lounge, at Paramount Studios for the 2012 Toyota Camry Reveal event, even at a Whole Foods in Arroyo as part of the 2011 Filter Magazine Culture Collide Festival.  A Current Affair, the band’s most recent EP, and their debut as Risers, came out in January 2011.

My favorite track, “Nose No End” was actually released in 2009 under the Anglos moniker, and now can be found on their Bandcamp page as part of the Anglos EP.  The song starts with a sprint: “I’m racing the moon and the stars to the sun,” and doesn’t stop.  Before you know it the sunny, rollicking melody has swept you up; it’s impossible not to allow your feet to tap along with the pattering percussion and dainty piano.  Somehow the song is both indie and anthemic.  A rallying cry for freedom from the norm, from the “establishment.” Suddenly it’s the bridge and you’re clapping.  Stomping.  Galloping around the room.

And then all of a sudden it’s over, leaving the listener breathless.

Grab A Current Affair on Bandcamp, or listen on Spotify.