By Amanda DK

I’m not sure why, but awards season snuck up on me this year. I can’t believe the 69th Annual Golden Globes are this Sunday! Did a whole twelve months really pass by since last year?

To be perfectly honest though, I’m I suppose I’m not that surprised. There is a reason that does come to mind.

Of all the nominees for Best Original Score, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo probably had the largest amount of buzz, but caters to a very specific audience. The Artist was likely the most critically loved of the bunch, but is still widely considered more of an “art house” film.  War Horse and Hugo were both praised as quality family fare, but nothing transcendent.  And all of the films in consideration for best original song were received by audiences as pretty good at best.

There were plenty of solid films this year, just none that wowed audiences on a large scale.

I mean, the only movie that received a nod for both original score and song is W.E., which was written and directed by Madonna. Nothing against Madge, but really?

Below take a look and listen to some of the scores and songs in consideration this year.  Who do you think should win?

Check out the full list of nominees here.

Best Original Score (Motion Picture)

Ludovic Bource – The Artist

Abel Korzeniowski – W.E.

Check out an interview with Korzeniowski on his Golden Globe nomination below:

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Reznor’s version of “Immigrant Song,” which features Karen O and appears in the film and on the soundtrack, has also been getting a lot of attention:

Howard Shore – Hugo

John Williams – War Horse

TA Pick: I haven’t seen The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo yet, but I’m sure Reznor and Ross did a killer job. My vote, however, is for The Artist. In this silent film, the score is practically a third star (or fourth, if you include the dog).

Best Original Song (Motion Picture)

“Hello Hello” from Gnomeo & Juliet
Music By: Elton John
Lyrics By: Bernie Taupin

“The Keeper” from Machine Gun Preacher
Music & Lyrics By: Chris Cornell

“Lay Your Head Down” from Albert Nobbs
Music By: Brian Byrne
Lyrics By: Glenn Close

“The Living Proof” from The Help
Music By: Thomas Newman, Mary J. Blige, Harvey Mason, Jr. and Damon Thomas
Lyrics By: Mary J. Blige, Harvey Mason, Jr. and Damon Thomas

“Masterpiece” from W.E.
Music & Lyrics By: Madonna, Julie Frost and Jimmy Harry
Listen here (Track 5).

TA Pick: Sort of an odd selection of films, there is no clear frontrunner. Personally, I think it’s between Sinead O’Connor/Brian Byrne and Mary J. Blige. Both poetic and loaded with emotion.