By Amanda DK

It’s no secret that Feist’s Metals is a solid album. The fifth release by the Canadian songstress received glowing reviews when it was first released in October. Rolling Stone named it as one of their picks for best albums of 2011. While her vocals are as lyrical and lovely as ever, the album has a vast, rustic quality, as though it captured a bit of the energy of Big Sur, California, where it was recorded. None of the tracks are as saccharine and catchy as “1234,” instead Metals reveals a more experimental, powerful side of the artist. Even mystical.

Beginning with a driving underlying rhythm (quickly followed by the addition of steady clapping), “Undiscovered First” is perhaps the most raw track on Metals. It combines gritty guitar, regal horns and Feist’s lithe vocals and harmonies, in the most relentless, compelling way. The sultry, lilting melody nurses a bitterness that grows and grows throughout the song until it overflows, like a snarling beast in captivity fighting against it’s bonds. Then at 3:37, the beast rears it’s wonderfully vicious head, consumed by a desperate need to break free. Chains, stomping, guttural belting in the way that only the ethereal singer can do, overwhelmed with emotion. Like the mountain in the song, Feist is a force of nature not to be taken lightly.

Feist “Undiscovered First”

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