By Amanda DK

Artist: Making Friendz
Origin: New York
Label: Last Bummer Records
Latest Release: Social Life (June 2011)

Those who follow this blog have probably noticed it’s more earthy, rootsy folk leanings.  I won’t lie, when going through submissions, I generally look for words like “ambient,” “electronic,” “beats,” “experimental,” so I can then delete those posts.  Occasionally, however, something will reach in from outside my comfort zone and give me a good shake.

As their name might suggest, Making Friendz is a band that doesn’t take themselves to seriously. At the center is Tami Hart (Le Tigre, The Gossip, Sleater-Kinney, MEN) who started Making Friendz to very literally make friends, after moving from Los Angeles to Brooklyn.  Hart proves that when pop hooks and driving dance rhythms join forces it is something addictive. Each song on their debut album Social Life is different from the next – one bluesy, one punk, many perfectly suited for a European discotheque.  “Situation” is the type of song that I would leap around to in my bedroom, possibly jumping on the bed, singing into my hairbrush, while “Luv Cruizin” gets me in the mood to get dressed up and do the same in public.  What links them all together are gutsy, high-energy vocals and pounding electronic beats.  This album is destined to be on rotation for pre-games the rest of the year.

Making Friendz “Situation”

Making Friendz “Luv Cruizin”

Purchase Making Friendz Social Life at the Last Bummer Records store.