By Amanda DK

Artist: Quilt
Origin: Boston, MA
Label: Mexican Summer
Latest Release: Quilt (November 2011)

There is something about Boston quartet Quilt that is strange and yet familiar. Both immediate and nostalgic. I can’t quite tell if my instant connection with their particular brand of indie folk is due to their sonic kinship with current artists, like Mountain Man or The Barr Brothers, or some borrowed yearning for an era I never experienced.  The latter is more likely.

On their self-titled debut album, lonesome banjos anchor playful psychedelic harmonies, both “electric and eclectic,” and leaves the listener feeling warm and fuzzy. Perhaps Quilt has awakened sensory memories of Woodstock passed to me from my father. I can practically feel crumbling earth and wind skimming across an open field through their hazy, intimate recordings.  Simply lay out your favorite homemade blanket – or quilt – and let the music take you away.

You can stream Qurchase Quilt’s debut album on their Bandcamp page, or purchase at the Mexican Summer store.