By Amanda DK

I’ll be honest, Spanish Prisoners isn’t the standard fare that makes me take stand up and notice.  They are dreamy, hazy and meandering, and from Brooklyn – usually a lethal combination for me.  Much of their debut album Gold Fools, doesn’t accomplish anything I haven’t heard before, but yet…is strangely pleasant and compelling.

There is something about their their melodies and songwriting that is anchored in something real and familiar.  One thing I will say about the lush reverb, is that it does make me appreciate more when the bass line comes through crisp and clear.  Two of the tracks even managed to move me enough that I simply had to share with all of you.

First “Know No Violence” veers more into the pop category, with it’s upbeat snare rapping, and sing-song vocals.  It is by far the most lively and varied track on the album, bouncing from sparse, lithe guitar licks to a catchy chorus line.

“That’s When I Froze” provides a lovely contrast, starting very quietly and building to a finale that I can only imagine becomes quite epic live.  Plus I love that I can hear the acoustic plucking, stripped of the haze that blankets the rest of the album.

And considering that you can pay whatever you want for the whole album on their Bandcamp, you have no excuse not to grab Gold Fools right now.