By Amanda DK

I arrived later than most (or at least many) on Wednesday night. Unsurprisingly, my flight was full of musicians and industry types.

An hour or so after landing I was in the hotel room. I quickly addressed the work emails that had accumulated during my travels, and booked it to the Convention Center to grab my badge and begin my SXSW adventures.

Bands I Saw:

Favorite performances are starred.

*Ed Sheeran (The Warner Sound @ La Zona Rosa)
Stream “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You” here.

*Kimbra (The Warner Sound @ La Zona Rosa)

Kimbra “Settle Down”

Emperor X (Official Showcase @ The Hideout)

Emperor X “Glitnir”

U.S. Royalty (ASCAP Showcase @ Bat Bar)

U.S. Royalty “Sleepy Eyes”

The Men (Sacred Bones Showcase @ Elysium)

The Men “Bataille”

Eve 6 (@ Red 7)

Where I Dined:

Blue Ribbon BBQ –Some of the meat in my pulled pork sandwich looked a little undercooked, but clearly I’m just a BBQ newb – my stomach didn’t feel anything afterwards but satisfied.

Halcyon Café – A charming café during the day and lounge at night, it’s comforting to be able to get a good iced coffee any time you need one.

Coolhaus Truck – I’ll admit it, I had kind of a binge evening (though no alcohol) on Wednesday. They were parked outside La Zona Rosa for a few hours, and I could not resist the “Gary Clark Jr’s Austin Breakfast” flavor (Jameson Whiskey with Lucky Charms ice cream) sandwiched between two snickerdoodle cookies. Heaven.

Companies, Websites or Other Organizations That Made My Day Brighter:

The Spellbound Group
Ghost Town
The Spitz Agency

 SXSo Random:

Next to me on the plane was a make-up artist who had never heard of the conference before, but was going to do Bruce Springsteen’s make up for his big Keynote Speech and performance. On the aisle, I came to learn, was an A&R executive who was responsible for signing both Kimbra and Gary Clark Jr. to Warner Brothers Records. Upon arrival in Austin the crew wished us a happy South By Southwest.

I happened to run into the same A&R guy at the Convention Center while picking up my badge. He was about to head over to La Zona Rosa to see Kimbra perform at The Warner Sound Party. As I was about to head that way myself, he waited with me for a bit. I explained that I work in music for film and television. “Oh, my brother is actually a television actor,” he says. I look at his badge and back up at him. I know who his brother is, and let him know as much (I’ll let you guess who it might be). My badge ended up taking forever to print, so I urged him to wait and he departed. I actually saw him again at the airport on my way out, about to board a flight just before mine. Full circle.