By Amanda DK


After a stop at the BMI Acoustic Brunch in the morning, Friday afternoon I made my way over to the Convention Center to moderate the panel: “Music In TV Pilots: Sales Tool or Strategy?”.  Panelists included Phil Sgriccia (Executive Producer, Supernatural), Daryl Berg (Executive Director of Music, Shine America), Chris Jackson (Director of Music, E! Networks) and Alexandra Patsavas (Chop Shop Music).

There should be audio posted on the SXSW website soon, but we discussed such things as how to establish a music voice for a show, the pros and cons of using recognizable music, the benefits of hiring a composer and some of the challenges of working on a television pilot.  Ultimately, a pilot is a collaborative process, and with money, jobs and success on the line, there are a lot of cooks in the kitchen and even more people to please!

Bands I Saw:

 The Lumineers (BMI Acoustic Brunch @ The Four Seasons)

The Lumineers “Ho Hey”

Jillette Johnson (BMI Acoustic Brunch @ The Four Seasons)
Watch her perform in NYC here.

**Lucius (The Wild Honey Pie Bee Hive Party @ Uncorked)

Lucius “Don’t Just Sit There”

Conveyor (The Wild Honey Pie Bee Hive Party @ Uncorked)

Conveyor “Mukraker”

**Mariah McManus (Official Showcase @ Deseo Lounge)

Mariah McManus “Say It Again”

**Delta Spirit (Time Out North America Showcase @ Stubbs)

Delta Spirit “Time Bomb”

**St. Lucia (Neon Gold Showcase @ Karma Lounge)

St. Lucia “Closer Than This”

Guadalupe Plata (Sounds From Spain Showcase @ Red Eyed Fly)

Guadalupe Plata “I’d Rather Be A Devil”

**Escort (BandPage HQ @ Empire Automotive)
Watch their highly enjoyable video for “All Through The Night” here (there are muppets).

Where I Dined:

 The Four Seasons – Sounds fancier than it was. Not to complain about free food, but this was nothing different from your average hotel brunch, except maybe better breakfast potatoes, coffee and muffins. Same gooey scrambled eggs though.

 Taco Truck at Trinity and 7th – Just as fancy as it sounds. Nothing better at 3:00am. After sampling both the Picadillo and Al Pastor, I was able to successfully recommend the Al Pastor to two other customers.

Companies, Websites or Other Organizations That Made My Day Brighter:

Zync Music
Bank Robber Music
The Wild Honey Pie
Chop Shop Music
The Agency Group
The Grammy Museum
Evolution Music Partners
PEN Music Group

 SXSo Random:

You may be wondering what this category is doing here.  Sure, running into the same random A&R guy at the beginning and end of the trip is slightly odd.  But having crack (cinnamon sugar) popcorn thrown at you is more deliciously fortuitous than random.  Well, IT’S BECAUSE OF FRIDAY.

– Saying hello to friends at the BMI Acoustic Brunch somehow led to a photograph of me with famed singer-songwriter, Donovan.  I should probably be embarrassed about this, but it was a full three days later before I discovered he was the man behind “Mellow Yellow.”

– At around 10:00pm, I decided to take a look at Facebook – something I rarely did, since it would just eat precious battery life.  There was a Facebook message from my aunt, letting me know that my cousin was also at SXSW.  I haven’t seen him in several years…but honestly wasn’t sure what a professional trumpet player would be doing at a weeklong music orgy alongside folks like Cloud Nothings or The Men.  As it happens, his band was playing once more at 1:00am, before driving to San Antonio to catch a 7:00am flight.  The venue was a block from where I was, and I didn’t have any other plans at that time, so I made my way over to Bandpage HQ to see Escort.  Thankfully I ran into some new friends from Glide Magazine, without whom I would have been hiding in the back.  Instead, I was up close and personal for perhaps my favorite show of the festival.  The eighteen member disco funk collective (there were three violinists!  THREE!) brought the party harder than any other act I saw, and was the perfect way to end my last night in Austin.  Plus, I got to congratulate my cousin on his recent engagement.

– By the time this fiesta was done, it was approaching 2:30am and all I wanted was a taco (see “Where I Dined” above).  One of the truck patrons I recommended the Al Pastor to happened to be in a well-known Los Angeles indie band.  We actually have mutual friends, and may even have met before.  Josh* definitely did not recall this, lamenting to my friend and I about the girl he had made out with earlier, and who had just left with some other guy.  “How much have you had to drink?” I asked, “A lot,” he replied. As he and my friend finished their tacos (I finished mine way earlier), we chatted about music, and how his SXSW shows had gone.  And then, “I have like, a forty-five minute walk home,” Josh informed us.  We walked with him as far as the Hilton and then said our goodbyes.

*Name changed to protect the drunk