By Amanda DK


As was the case last year, with limited time before my flight, I spent Saturday frantically trying to see as much music as I could as fast as I could.  I managed to get into Rachael Ray’s Feedback (with a bunch of moms and locals) early on for some brisket and biscuits, but when trying to return for LP a couple hours later was given the run around and then turned away (lesson learned, RSVP confirmation emails mean nothing – always pick up that extra badge).

Good thing there were only five or ten other excellent showcases on the same block.

That morning at Stubbs I found myself staring at a T-shirt that boasted the local catchphrase, “Keep Austin Weird.”  I’d seen similar shirts around town, but for some reason this one in particular stuck, remaining with me until I boarded my plane back to Los Angeles that afternoon.

Bands I Saw:

Bob Schneider
Stream some tunes here.

*Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons “Look How Far We’ve Come”

*J. Irvin Dally

J. Irvin Dally “Teething”


PUJOL “Mayday”

*Turf War

Turf War “Cheers To The Years”

Companies, Websites or Other Organizations That Made My Day Brighter:

Extreme Music
Rollo & Grady
Autumn Tone Records

SXSo Random:

As I mentioned, at the airport I ran into the same A&R executive that was on my flight to Austin (as well as several friends) boarding the flight beforehand.  One of the friends I ran into was traveling with her boss who, at the time I met up with them, was catching up with Taylor Hanson.  It was really hard to play it straight when shaking the hand of he who “MMMBops.”

Additional Tips & Tricks:

The SXSW Go Official App was incredibly handy, laying out everything happening at the festival hour by hour, with links to information, maps, and other details.  If it were not for this, I would have never have found out that Emperor X was performing just a few blocks from where I was.

Mophie Juice Pack – The week before SXSW I went to the nearest Best Buy in search of a phone case that had a built in charger and came out with a Mophie Juice Pak.  Little did I know, not only would the phone case/charger combo be a trend this year, but the Mophie brand as well.  I ran into at least six other friends with the same device, and for good reason.  Since phones tend to die around 3 or 4pm at SXSW due to excessive texting and tweeting, the extra boost on the go proved invaluable.