By Amanda DK

Artist: ROSTAM
Origin: New York, NY
Label: None
Latest Release: None

Rostam Batmanglij became known to most people via one of the biggest breakout indie pop bands of the past decade. He then stirred up some buzz again a few years ago as one-half of Discovery, his collaboration with Wes Miles, lead singer of another popular band (in hipster circles at least) Ra Ra Riot.

That said, it seems a bit ridiculous that it took the release of his solo work to finally get my attention.

The jangly, largely instrumental “Wood,” was one of my favorite songs of 2011, and it’s possible that if I had gotten to “Don’t Let It Get To You” before 2012 rolled around, it would have landed on that list too.

“Don’t Let It Get To You” is both gritty and charming. Aggressive and lyrical. Snare drums spit the the rhythms throughout, punctuating piano and flute melodies that are the foundation of the song. A refreshing example of tropical beats that are sunny, but not sparkling.

So what can we expect next? The score for “Sound of My Voice,” a Fox Searchlight film written by Rostam’s brother, Zal, and Brit Marling. Directed by Zal. Starring Marling. Watch the first twelve minutes here. I’ll tell you, they’re pretty compelling.

Rostam “Don’t Let It Get To You”