In the music supervision game, covers are currency.  I will almost always download a covers album or sampler just to have on hand, especially if the covers are of extremely well known tunes.  Music supervisors often turn to covers when…

1. A fresh take on a known tune might add something unique to the image on screen
2. An original master recording is more money than a project can afford

Case in point, Birdy covering “Skinny Love” on The Vampire Diaries.  Or on the flip side, the reason for all the fuss about The Beatles master use in Mad Men this past season.

Birdy “Skinny Love”

You can check out a couple past posts on great covers here – but this post is about covers of one song in particular – “Black and Gold” by Sam Sparro.

Sam Sparro “Black and Gold”

The song came out in 2008, but only recently did I stumble across a bunch of covers of it, all by artists that certainly would not help any on the costs front…and all by women.

Girl power, am I right?

Melanie Fiona


Katy Perry


Ellie Goulding