Last March, Los Angeles DJ – and good friend of mine – DJ Bumbaclot shared Safe In Heaven, Dead with Tadpole Audio.  It was an epic masterpiece almost an hour long, combining pieces of film scores with tracks by Gayngs, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead and many more.

A year and some change later he is back with Heroin Soul.

While the title might sound depressing, the mix is a perfect accompaniment to a relaxing evening at home and a glass of (decidedly red) wine.  It’s contemplative and sultry, and as with Safe in Heaven, Dead, recorded live, in one take, on two turntables, vinyl and Serato.  Says DJ Bumbaclot:

Once I figured out the sequencing, I did it close to forty times before getting it right.  The early versions were premature and imperfect, and after anally dissecting them over many listens, I wasn’t satisfied, alerted you not to publish them, and got back at it.  The third and final version I sent (39:15) was one I can stand behind after ten listens.

DJ Bumbaclot spins at the Synch This 3rd Annual Summer BBQ

Where did the idea for this mix (and the title) come from?

My buddy Scott (DJ Fat Girl) gave me the challenge of a “heroin soul” mix, soulful and very chilled out.  I had this image of afro’d chick, a belt tied on her arm, lounging in a leather backseat, and just went with it, crafting the soundtrack of her dream.  The “God’s Bathroom Floor” instrumental was central to the mix, in terms of tone, and serves as a bridge between the first and second halves.  I just wanted to add more bass and more soul.  As I started narrowing down and playing with the track selection, it began evolving into sort of a “break-up mix”, because art imitates life.  I was just looking for cool breaks that I could use, lyrics that had meaning, tracks that had good grooves to them, and it all just came together.  “I Can’t Stand The Rain” and “No Ordinary Love” are all-time favorite songs, and the bass in “Hercules” and “Move Me” just grabs me.  The first half has an older feel, while the second half sounds more modern.  And I kept the name HEROIN SOUL because it has a nice ring to it.

Get to know the man behind Bumbaclot (and his impeccable music taste) here.

DJ Bumbaclot Heroin Soul