Not doing anything tonight?  Live in Los Angeles?  Dig the track below? Brit rockers Bombay Bicycle Club will be at the Fonda tonight with Vacationer.  It is bound to be a refreshing end to your Wednesday.  How can you not bop while listening to this song? File Under: Vampire Weekend, Two Door Cinema Club, Animal Collective, bouncy, sparkly, lush, electronic, pop
Bombay Bicycle Club “Shuffle”

Bombay Bicycle Club “Shuffle (Leo Zero Remix)” Also on last week’s Parks and Recreation it was revealed that Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) is a secret soundtrack junkie – resulting in my love of him growing three more sizes. When April (naturally) judges him, he responds:

“Oh, well, I kind of look at it like it’s your favorite directors making a mix tape just for you.”

If only he knew just how many people are typically involved in creating that mix tape…