DSC_5384color-loresI’m not exactly sure when, or what specifically did it, but I credit my awareness of this band to the blog, We Listen For You.  Perhaps because Zach has been such a champion of Conveyor for so long – and rightfully so.  The band delightfully eschews most genre definitions. Just when I think I’ve pinned them (indie folk? folk pop? experimental folk?) they release a new track that completely throws me (in the best way possible).  One of the big bummers of SXSW 2012 for me was having to leave the Wild Honey Pie party in the middle of this Brooklyn-based band’s jaunty, vibrant set.

If you live in New York City, make sure to catch them tonight on an awesome bill at Webster Hall with Freelance Whales and Geographer.  Can anyone tell me though, when can we expect this band back in Los Angeles?

Conveyor “Woolgatherer”

File Under: Animal Collective, Dirty Projectors, Of Monsters and Men, Yeasayer, experimental, summery, frolicking, quirky, youthful

Since I’ve brought up We Listen For You, I just want to take a second to advocate for what Zach is doing with the We Listen For You Record Club.

I don’t mean to open a can of worms here, but many people these days constantly complain about the devaluation of music – how tragic it is that consumers aren’t willing to pay even 99 cents for a product that took thousands of dollars to create and perfect.  Of course I’m not saying this is unfounded, or that those railing against it are wrong to do so, just that at this point, it’s more productive to try and find new ways for artists to be compensated for their work.  New ways to incentivize fans to part with their money on behalf of the music they love (and yes, I realize that it’s tragic we need to do this).

This conversation (debate, discussion, argument) could go on for a while.  My point though, is that Zach is doing what he can not only to promote the artists he loves, but facilitate a direct financial impact on an their career through fan organization.

And if there is anything we learned from the election yesterday, it’s that every little bit helps.