Anyone who has attempted to email me in the past month has probably noticed that, well, they can’t.  This is because my Tadpole Audio email account is currently maxed out.  Which (naturally) is because I rarely go through the messages sent to that account.

Yes, it’s admittedly neglectful and I apologize, but the reason that so many emails remain there in purgatory is that I really do intend to listen to everything I submitted to me*.  I want to discover new music.  No matter what the venue or circumstance, it is always satisfying to stumble across a band I have never heard of and fall in love.  The same thing applies for my SoundCloud Dropbox.

Many moons ago, The Rubbish Zoo, a quintet from Wyoming (do you know any other bands from Wyoming?  I do not) sent me a track called “More Ink Than An Octopus.”  I dug the track and noted it in a Google Doc (my entire life is on Google Docs) but just never got around to writing about it.

The Rubbish Zoo “More Ink Than An Octopus”

Months go by, and I finally re-visit the Google Doc, and the band.  As it turns out they released an EP this past February and it is pretty great.  It was hard to choose just one feature.  Every song put a smile on my face and you can get the whole thing for four dollars on Bandcamp.


The Rubbish Zoo “I Don’t Know Where I Go”

File Under: Miniature Tigers, Two Door Cinema Club, Vampire Weekend, catchy chorus, quirky, percussive, pop, harmonies, tropical, journey, searching

And here the band decides to give new (literal) meaning to a “stripped down” performance of the track:


*Unless I open the email and see any of the following words: house, trance, atmospheric, ambient, dreamscape, hip hop, rap… Then I will delete.  While I do not doubt that I’m missing what some would call stellar tunes, I listen to all of those genres for my job, and what I post on my blog is, as my wise friend Madonna Wade Reed likes to say, on my own dime.  Bring on the cathartic folk and alt-country…