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    About Amanda…

    I am a Connecticut girl who studied theatre in Chicago, moved to Los Angeles and with a bit of elbow grease, grew to love it here.  After living in Venice, Marina Del Rey and Silverlake, I now call home to a small apartment in Echo Park, with my (very funny) boyfriend and two (obscenely adorable) cats.  Despite the eye-sore that is Echo Park Lake right now, it’s a vibrant community, constantly evolving and full of “rah rah” spirit that you’re hard-pressed to find in any other niche of the city.  And there is a wealth of both great craft beer and coffee just down the street!


    I moved here to pursue a career in screenwriting, but soon stumbled into music supervision and haven’t turned back.  I’ve worked at a large film/television studio, an unscripted television production company on the rise, and now am at Format Entertainment, working alongside and learning from some of the best in the business.

    With my free time, in addition to running Tadpole Audio, I’ve music supervised a couple indie films (and cable television shows)

    I’ve also helped produce a few events; I look for any excuse to both promote emerging artists that I believe in, and bring people together for a fun time…

    And occasionally people ask (allow, really) me to talk, or say nice things about my blog.

    Basically, whether it’s blogging or music supervising, there are so many gray areas, and no “right” way of doing things that results in guaranteed success.  I’ll happily take any opportunity to share my personal experiences, and absorb as much as possible.

    So what is “Tadpole Audio”?

    Well, the short version is that it’s my silly attempt to be quirky and hip and still be clear that we’re talking about music here.  Audio.  Sound.  Music.

    I started this blog in February 2010 as a place to house lists of songs around a theme (rain, Scottish artists, morning, breaking up, etc.) that I was posting on Twitter.  Soon enough I started wanting people to read what I wrote, and the rest is history.

    Think of this blog as a musical journal, with a focus on music supervision and a goal of sharing great music in new ways.  Songs as they relates to an experience, a memory, a sensation, a journey, a great meal.  Artists as they relate to other artists, media you have heard (or should hear) them in.  I hope to explore all the ways people use music to tell their own tales.  From brilliant songwriters to up and coming artists, experienced music supervisors, music bloggers, DJs, and everything in between, everyone connects to music differently – different genres, mediums, purposes, emotions.

    Welcome to my experiment.  Speak up.

    Amanda DK

    The Site

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    Priya Perera (Music By The Book)
    Priya Perera reads books and listens to music and likes to mix them up on Tadpole Audio.

    Ezra Remer (Ad Sounds)
    Ezra Remer is a lover all of media. He currently works as music coordinator at Lip Sync Music, syncing artists into film/tv/ads. Follow him @EzRemer.

    Emily Weber (Trailer Music Talk)
    Emily Weber has specialized in music for trailers since approximately 2004.  She currently works at Position Music, a trailer music supplier and publishing company/record label.

    Catherine McNulty (Aural Fixation)
    Catherine McNulty quit her day job and decided to become part of the problem, not the solution in America’s battle of the bulge by attending culinary school to become a pastry chef. When she’s not cursing ovens and scarfing cookies at ungodly hours in the morning, she can be found at http://noms-away.blogspot.com.

    Sierra Drucker (Aural Fixation)
    Sierra Drucker lives, breathes, and apparently now eats music. She currently works for Format Entertainment as a Music Coordinator/Supervisor, and also spins locally as DJ Sea. If you’re hungry for more musical musings, head over to her digital homebase, http://inlandsounds.blogspot.com.

    Andrew Thomas
    Andrew Thomas retired from a career in blog writing after a spirited six weeks.  He currently aspires to write for television, also known as a “Moving Blog”.  You might also know him as the man behind @Dumblebrag.

    He is a mysterious fellow.  More to come…

  • http://www.knoxroad.com/ Abby

    Such a lovely description about what makes you tick. Looking forward to your musings. -Abby

  • https://twitter.com/IndieBeanie Trina

    Hey, dig the redesign of the site! Nicely done! Cheers!

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