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Film + Theatre / Elf The Musical, What’s Your Favorite Color?

The New York Times announced today that a musical adaptation of the film Elf will be heading to the Great White Way for a limited run this Christmas.  Done right, I’m pretty confident this has the potential to be brilliant in the same way the film was.  But there is also good chance the musical might try just a little too hard.  I mean, did the filmmakers know that their movie was going to spawn catchphrases beloved year round?

I like smiling, smiling's my favorite!!!


Video Game / Soundtrack Review / Video Game / Red Dead Redemption

Do you feel lucky?

Over the past couple years at my job I’ve become fairly familiar with music for film and television – so when Paste Magazine posted an article about an exciting new Jose Gonzalez track being featured on the soundtrack for a video game, I knew I had my research cut out for me.

Many reviewers are praising Red Dead Redemption as the best Western video game since…well, ever.  In a word, it’s “epic.”  And the creation of the score is no exception.


Lily Allen + Bridget Jones’s Diary = New Musical?

Team, I’m gonna be honest – I’m tentatively excited about this, but kind of surprised.  I would have pegged Lily to be a better fit for Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging aka Bridget Jones Jr., but here we are.

Apparently after telling the world that she was retiring last year – something about a clothing and a record company – Contact Music reports that the singer has now signed up to write 12 songs for the musical – one of which is already done (about what else? Bridget moaning over feeling fat).


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